Service Delivery Charter

UONP Strategic Plan and Service Delivery

The University of Nairobi Press (UONP) is a limited company owned by the University of Nairobi. Incorporated in 1984, the UONP key mandate its scholarly publishing in support of one of the primary objectives of the University of Nairobi vis “dissemination of knowledge through publications”. Since 1990, when it became fully operational, the UON Press has continued to effectively mirror and extend the University’s intellectual strength and reputation. As reflected in the more than 100 publications carrying its imprint.

A lot of changes have taken place in the University of Nairobi and the publishing environment during the period. These changes present both opportunities and challenges for the continued delivery of quality services.  The increasing number of experienced scholars and researchers in the parent institution and in other universities in the country and the region as a whole is an important asset from which UONP will continue to draw its authors and peer reviewers. On the other hand, the UONP must provide quality reading materials in a cost-effective manner to satisfy the needs of the expanding scholarly community. In addition, the Press is expected to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital publishing technologies and the Internet in order to remain both relevant and competitive. Finally, UONP must find ways of sustaining its operations to enhance the effective delivery of publishing and other related services. 

The UONP Strategic Plan (2013-2018) has outlined how the UONP will address the foreseen challenges in the next five years and still deliver on its mandate and obligations to the University in a dynamic publishing industry. During the plan period, the UONP will work towards the following vision:
A leader in scholarly publishing in Africa

In order to realise its vision, the UONP will be guided by the following mission:
To publish quality scholarly works for the Kenyan people and the global community by utilising modern publishing technologies

This strategic plan has identified six (6) strategic issues that will determine the activities of the UON Press during the period 2013-2018. These are:

1.       Publishing
2.       Governance and development of staff capacity
3.       Financial resources
4.       Marketing and sales
5.       Collaborations
6.       Image

Arising from the outlined strategic issues, the UONP will pursue six (6) objectives during the plan period as follows:

Objective 1       To publish quality scholarly works using modern publishing technologies
Objective 2       To revive the governance structures of UONP
Objective 3       To expand the scope of revenue generating activities
Objective 4       To enhance the marketing and sales function
Objective 5       To strengthen partnerships and collaborations locally and internationally
Objective 6       To improve the image of UONP

The UON Press will continue to expand the list of publications, focus on the critical issues of governance and staff development challenges, and apply modern publishing technologies to achieve cost-effectiveness. The UON Press will enhance the sales and marketing function to increase revenue generated in addition to pursuing strategic collaborations. There will be concerted effort to enhance the image of UONP so as to attract good quality work from experienced scholars even as we nurture upcoming capacity.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome and should be addressed to:

The Managing Editor,
Phone: 0726610570

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