Guest of honour, Prof. PLO Lumumba with the author, Mr Mwangi Mathai

DVC RPE, Prof. Lucy Irungu commended Mr. Mwangi Mathai for his contribution to the poverty debate and thanked him for choosing to publish his book with the University of Nairobi Press. "Poverty, the subject of Mwangi  Mathai’s book,  is an important development  issue not just in Kenya but globally. There can never be a limit to the number of publications needed to exhaust the discussion on poverty.  Expanding the  perspective of our discussions about poverty, I believe, is critical to the development of  more robust policies and  programmes to address the problem" she noted.

Prof. Irungu challenged the Chief Guest, Prof. P.L.O. Lumumba, and his colleagues in the legal fraternity for lack of more publications where the country’s laws are demystified and made more accessible for interrogation by the ordinary citizen. She wondered how the relevance of the law in discussions about poverty can be brought out. She stated that she believed that there is a strong case to be made with regard to reduction of vulnerability. She further stated that The University of Nairobi, through the RPE Division, and the University of Nairobi Press would be willing to support such an important undertaking.