A Practical Manual on Animal Physiology

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The practicals in this manual are geared towards providing a great deal of interaction between the instructor and the students. Where possible, fairly advanced practicals requiring use of modern scientific equipment have been presented as demonstrations in order to bring the undergraduate student to the forefront of knowledge.
Most of the practicals and demonstrations have been developed over the years by many academicians who have taught in the Department of Veterinary Physiology, University of Nairobi. Additional practicals have been included, bearing in mind new and emerging trends in veterinary physiology.
Dr. J.ohn Kamau, BVM, MSc, PhD specializes in Environmental Physiology and Energy Metabolism; Dr. T.K. Kanui, BVM, PhD. is an Electriophysiologist with wide experience in teaching and research; Dr. G.M. Mutungi, BVM, PhD has specialized in muscle physiology while Dr. P.M. Mathiu, BVM, PhD has specialized in Avian Physiology.