Africa at the Beginning of the 21st Century

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Africa at the Beginning of the 21st Century is a bold attempt to take stock of African affairs in the new century. The book addresses the most critical themes and presents in-depth analyses of the experiences of the African continent in the last one hundred years from an interdisciplinary point of view. All the 18 chapters were especially commissioned for the volume and are organized around three themes:
(1) Socio-cultural transformation – ranging from the fiction of the colony and post-colony to HIV/Aids in Africa;
(2) Governance and democratization – ranging from militarization of politics, to a review of conflict resolution in Africa, and
(3) Global dimensions of African affairs – which includes such topics as Africa’s place in world dialogue and gender issues.
The book was prepared specifically with university courses in the humanities and social sciences in mind. The book will therefore be of immense value to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the humanities, liberal arts and social sciences. It will also appeal to professionals in political, commercial and other spheres of knowledge and those with general interest in African affairs.
The contributors comprise an assortment of scholars from a wide range of disciplines, and all have a long standing involvement in research and teaching of African studies.
The editor, Godfrey P. Okoth, is Professor of History at Maseno University, Kenya, and holds a PhD in History from the University of California, Los Angeles. His areas of specialization are diplomatic history and foreign policy in which he has widely published.