A letter to Mariama Ba

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“Voices from the living to the dead” is the best description of this novella. It is Wanjiku Kabira’s response to Mariama Ba, deceased, who is one of the most renowned African women writers. In A Letter to Mariama Ba, Wanjiku shares her experiences and very personal thoughts on the African woman who is living in a rapidly changing society and is faced with social, economic and political pressures. She agrees with Mariama Ba that women’s experiences are the same everywhere. What women experience in Mariama Ba’s Senegalese society does not differ with the experiences of women in East Africa, other parts of Africa, and all over the world. Hence, the letter is a confirmation of the universal suffrage; it is a strong statement of the great sisterhood that binds women all over the world and their resilience to the challenges in their lives.
Wanjiku Kabira is an associate professor of literature at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. She has specialized in the fields of Oral literature, African-American literature and Carribean literature. She has been actively involved in women affairs and in gender issues. Wanjiku has served as Vice-Chair in the Kenya Constitutional Review Process and as Chair of Women’s Political Alliance. She has published widely on literature, women and on gender issues.