A Laboratory Manual in Digital Electronics

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Price US$.: 9.15
ISBN: 9966 846 47 6

Practical proficiency is a must in the training of engineers, scientists and technologists. Unfortunately, not many books/manuals are available in the market to assist the instructor and the learners to perform experiments in electronics in a methodical and analytical manner.
This laboratory manual is an attempt to fill this void. It is ideal for technicians/ technologists and undergraduate students in polytechnics and universities. The manual contains 77 experiments spread over nine chapters. This material can be covered within a 14-week semester.
Thomas J.O. Afullo holds a BSc (Electrical Engineering) from the University of Nairobi, an MSEE from the University of West Virginia, USA and a PhD from the Vrije University, Belgium. He is a registered engineer in Kenya and is currently teaching and conducting radio-wave propagation and refractivity measurements in Botswana.