Message from the Managing Editor

Development of Ebooks

Through our distribution partners, African Books Collective (ABC) - (, UONP has digitised a number of books.
These ebooks are now available from the ABC site and several other book dealers,
e.g. Google Books, and Amazon bookstore.

Upon providing payment as required, the ebook will download to a buyer's iphone,
smartphone, PC or other reading gadget as may be specified.

The following books are readily available in ebook formats:

9789966792389 EBook A Comparative Study of Religions.Second Edition
9789966792396 EBook Applied Time Series Econometrics.
9789966792402 EBook Classification of East African Crops. Second Edition
9789966792419 EBook Creative Writing In Prose
9789966792426 EBook Efficiency of Health System Units in Africa. 
              A Data Envelopment Analysis
9789966792433 EBook Historical Reflections on Kenya. 
              Intellectual Adventurism, Politics and International Relations
9789966792440 EBook In Our Own Tongues. Poetic voices of three 
              generations of African-American Women
9789966792457 EBook Reclaiming My Dreams. 
              Oral Narratives by Wanjira Wa Rukenya
9789966792464 EBook Reproductive Health, Economic Growth and 
              Poverty Reduction in Africa. Frameworks of Analysis
9789966792471 EBook The Misiri Legend Explored. A Linguistic Inquiry into the 
              Kalenjiin Peopleís Oral Tradition of Ancient Egyptian Origin
9789966792488 EBook Time for Harvest. Women and Constitution Making in Kenya
9789966792495 EBook USA, India, Africa During and After the Cold War

We Blaze the Trail in Scholarly Publishing !

Ms. Pamellah Asule,
Ag. Managing Editor